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Skin Imperfections? Medical Makeup to the Rescue!
By Cleveland Clinic Wellness Editors 
Published 4/30/2012 
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Post-baby stretch marks you never had before? Uneven skin tone, which no cream can seem to fix? Age spots, which seem to be popping up more often? We all have imperfections that we’ve learned how to live with, but for some of us, those flaws can erode our confidence or make us look older or less beautiful than we feel inside! But there is a solution: Medical makeup.

While learning how to love and accept ourselves no matter what we look like is important for our overall wellbeing, there’s no harm in giving ourselves a beauty boost if it makes us feel good. Medical makeup can help because its high pigmentation offers more coverage than regular foundations, concealers and powders. These types of products (there are several medical makeup brands) are typically designed by dermatologists and specifically formulated to help people dealing with difficult skin issues. They camouflage problem areas caused by a variety of conditions and create a flawless look in minutes.

Coverage for Your Face and Body
The beauty of medical makeup is that it’s available in a variety of product lines that cover up areas on the face, arm, neck, hands and more. And it’s designed to be lightweight, so it easily covers large areas of the body. These products adhere to strict dermatological and efficacy standards and are able to tackle mild to severe skin conditions, including:

• Scars
• Post Surgical Redness
• Hyper Pigmentation
• Uneven Skin Tones
• Vitiligo
• Trichoepithelioma
• Rosacea
• Bruising
• Stretch Marks
• Birthmarks
• Age Spots
• Dark Under-Eye Circles
• Lupus
• Varicose Veins
• Tattoos
• Allergies

A Day at the Beach
With medical makeup, there’s no need to pass on that invitation to the beach because you’re too embarrassed to go out in shorts or a bathing suit. This smudge and water-resistant beauty product lasts up to 16-hours when applied with a setting powder. And most product lines include an SPF 30 sunscreen, so you’re well covered in the sun.

Now go out with confidence — looking and feeling as beautiful as you are!

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