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We’re working with companies who care about offering healthier options that meet our Go!Well requirements. Look for some of their select products in your local grocery stores. Would you like to be a Go!Well partner? Contact us to find out more about our criteria.
Meet Our Go!Well Partners
By Cleveland Clinic Wellness Editors 
Published 6/14/2016 
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At Cleveland Clinic Wellness we believe that eating habits can lead to or prevent a number of conditions and diseases. That’s why Cleveland Clinic dietitians and wellness experts developed Go!Well. Our nutrition experts certify that foods carrying the Go!Well label meet national nutritional guidelines.

Now we’re working with companies across the country that care about offering healthier choices; these companies create and sell products that meet our rigorous health standards. Learn about some of our partners and how you can start finding Go!Well near you.


Meet Orlando Baking: Our desire to produce great-tasting, healthy products falls directly in line with the Cleveland Clinic's goal of promoting healthy bodies and vibrant communities.  As Orlando Baking Company and the Cleveland Clinic are committed to helping individuals make the healthiest food selections, this "made-in-Cleveland" alliance greatly benefits health-conscious individuals who seek better nutrition and improved, “flavorful” lifestyles.


Meet Fantasy Candies: Joel Fink, owner of Fantasy Candies, has been promoting the health benefits of dark chocolate for years. Three years ago he sent a sample of SweetDreams 72%, his first dark chocolate treat featuring the health benefits of cocoa, to Kristin Kirkpatrick, a registered dietitian and manager of wellness nutrition services for the Cleveland Clinic Wellness Institute. Because cocoa delivers a higher antioxidant level than any other plant derived food — including blueberries, raspberries, green tea, asparagus or broccoli, he was hoping to secure the Clinic’s Go!Well label for his treat. Fink worked with the Clinic to adjust his recipe, reducing the added sugar in the chocolate mix and dried fruit. Sweet Truth now meets all Go!Well guidelines and will be sold at Cleveland Clinic’s Wellness Store in the Miller Pavilion, at select retailers and on as well as other Internet retail partners.


Meet eat + LIVE: We provide pre-portioned and fully prepared lunches and dinners that are fresh and delicious — delivered to your home! We created our meal solution kits for people on a journey to eat and live healthier. The journey for many may begin with the decision to live a healthier lifestyle. For others it may begin after a diagnosis of elevated blood sugar levels, or a recent heart related illness. We make it easier to live healthier or recover from a health event. Every eat+LIVE meal is Cleveland Clinic Go!Well approved, giving you the freedom to mix and match entrees and sides without the worry of counting calories, sugar or sodium. You will also receive a healthy living magazine with articles and tips from the Cleveland Clinic Wellness experts to help you understand how food plays a role in your wellness. Learn more about our 5 and 10 day eat+LIVE meal solution kits.


Meet Featherss Dark Chocolates: Mary’s mission was to create an individually wrapped sweet to support a fit and healthy lifestyle and satisfy the universal desire for something rich and delicious—qualities thought to be forbidden in most weight loss and healthy eating plans. Dark chocolate is a healthier sweet, but it is often too bitter, too high in calories or doesn’t have enough cacao content.
As she worked with a local candy manufacturer to create this confection, she insisted on three key qualities:

  • The finest ingredients
  • Fewer than 25 calories per piece
  • A rich, delicious taste
Additionally, they designed a shape that would make the chocolate melt in your mouth to create a “savor the flavor” experience.
Featherss Dark Chocolates obtained the Cleveland Clinic’s Go!Well standard; two pieces meet the Go!Well nutritional criteria.

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