Cleveland Clinic Wellness
Cleveland Clinic Wellness Nutrition Services

Our Cleveland Clinic nutrition experts also provide nutrition assessments and analysis for our corporate partners. By working with our nutrition experts we are available to:

  • Assess available food offerings and current nutrition culture
  • Develop client-specific nutrition criteria
  • Analyze recipes and products from cafeteria and vending machines
  • Support marketing efforts and implementation strategies
  • Work with vendors and food service personnel in providing healthy offerings
  • Promote culture of wellness through webinars, lunch and learns, and marketing materials

Cleveland Clinic and Eaton Corporation have partnered to increase the nutritional quality of the foods offered to Eaton employees. Cleveland Clinic nutrition experts worked alongside Eaton to develop an individualized nutrition criteria to label the foods offered in their plants and office. This nutrition strategy aims to take the guesswork out of meal and snack choices while empowering employees to make confident food choices.
Grocery Stores
Dave's Markets
With local consumers in mind, Cleveland Clinic has partnered with Dave’s Market to highlight products that meet the GO! criteria. When visiting a Dave’s Market store, customers can expect to easily identify high quality foods by looking for the Cleveland Clinic GO! Well sticker.
Food and Beverage Companies
Cleveland Clinic and Orlando Bread have partnered to develop specific recipes that meet the Cleveland Clinic’s highest nutrition standards. Orlando’s True Grains 100% Whole Grain Bread line adds ease to the shopping experience for consumers looking for nutritious, flavorful options.

For more information on Cleveland Clinic’s nutrition strategies or partnership opportunities, please contact Heather Price at or 216.618.2264